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Monday, October 12, 2015

Ep4-Planting Seeds


Appearing: Zath, Claw, Elromon, Sslith
The Zabruk Inquisitor, Xevage

When the lift doors open, Sslith gets to work slicing a level 3 access. Time being of the essence, a brief consultation yields agreement on a search for Force artifacts. The top hit: Xevage, who figures so prominently in several party members' history, is an Imperial inquisitor in possession of Darth Tenebrous' lightsaber. Uncertain what this means or its implications, the trio pushes on to a second search.

On Force related news Sslith gets four hits and downloads the pages into memory. His slice clues him that the level 4 and level 5 bosses are heading to the lobby to meet Elromon, posing as an Inquisitor, personally. With only moments to spare, the party takes the lift back to the lobby and narrowly escapes in the confusion.

The Togruta Consular, Jisela Orras


Appearing: Zath, Sslith, Sortek

Jisela conditionally agrees to accompany them to Naboo, assuming she can take her ward. Without packing any material possessions or looking back with anything resembling regret, she joins the party in returning to their ships.

Zath and Sslith leave Claw at the Forced Lightning, and take Captain Sortek to confront Jisela Orras one last time and convince her that things are going to get hot. They beseech her to go with them to Naboo; a real Inquisitor is coming because the Empire, such as it is, cannot allow the Jedi to return. And the embassy could use a healer.


Appearing: Claw

While the others are out convincing Jisella Orras, Claw looks into Zath's holomessage. His researches into the coordinates virtually take him to Morr Three in the Amorris System of the Quelii Sector - a base of operations for the Cavrilhu Pirates, as it turns out. Recent news makes it apparent that the Cavrilhu Pirates are being supplied with Imperial ships and equipment. It is unknown whether the pirates are using the temple ruins as a base.


Appearing - Forced Lightning: Zath, Claw, Sslith, Sola Jantsk, Blok' Kraven, NPC Flight Crew, Nul Raal (NPC), Jisela Oras (NPC), Waif (NPC)

Appearing - Phoenix Dawn: Sortek, Elromon

Two and a half days later, the party is escorted by N1 Starfighters to Theed Spaceport. The Queen of Naboo is eager to meet them...


Appearing: Sslith, Jisela Oras (NPC), Nul Raal (NPC)

Sslith, Ambassador Nul Raal, and Jisela Orras present themselves to the Queen of Naboo. Jisela, believing herself and Zath to be the last of the Jedi, makes an impassioned plea to found a Jedi Memorial on Naboo, the site of the last Jedi slaughter: "To preserve the cycle, that joyous life shall always grows anew from death". The Queen is moved, and dedicates the planet's resources to the project.

Hearing the outcome, Sslith leaves for the New Republic offices housed in the Palace.


Appearing: Sslith

Sslith presents himself to Supreme Commander Ackbar's secretary, delivering the plans on the super dreadnought and system killer the party investigated on Eriadu. With Ackbar out, presumably beginning the formation of Rogue Squadron, the lieutenant files the information for a later date before reprimanding Sslith on behalf of the embassy:The New Republic brass is disappointed in the lack of progress on the group's primary mission to Cathar. It is imperative that the mission proceed.


Appearing: Sslith, Sortek

Having agreed to Nul Raal's offer to outfit the Phoenix Dawn as part of the Embassy's operating expense, Sortek spends the 10k found on the credstick, on upgrading the Phoenix Dawn's hyperdrive. He is eventually joined by Sslith to modify the attachments.


Appearing - Forced Lightning: Zath, Claw, Sslith, Elromon, Sola Jantsk, Blok' Kraven, NPC Flight Crew, Nul Raal (NPC), Jisela Oras (NPC), Waif (NPC)

Appearing - Phoenix Dawn: Sortek, NPC Crew Member

The party makes the jump to Axilla to meet the last member of the embassy, Meeryakur. En route, Jisela agrees to mentor Zath, Claw, and Elromon in the Force: both Foresee and Heal/Harm. Both ships drop out of orbit around the giant solar-orbiting platform, Spacers' Paradise.


Appearing: Zath, Claw, Elromon, Sslith, Sortek, Sola Jantsk, Blok' Kraven, NPC Flight Crew, Nul Raal (NPC)

A protocol droid explains the laws and tax rates governing the satellite, including the prohibition on gambling (while unironically ignoring the hoots and hollers of those winning games of chance in the Commons). The party docks and locates the Aurora Wonder, a tricked out E9 long range scout with a fancy paintjob.

The party eventually meets up with Meeryakur, gambling and thriving on it. Zath recognizes Dej Nevian by from his conversation with Narrin Tarkin; Sortek grudgingly returns an acknowledgement from a rival from his days as an Imperial officer, Commander Partha.

Klaxxons suddenly go off, warning of a disturbance in the system fringe. Spacers scatter, with enlisted rangers running for their starfighters. Merryakur spots the group and collects her winnings before leading them off. Peppering her speech with "pretty boy" and "sweet cheeks", she tells the group that Krussk Blood Reaver has attacked the fringes of the system, possibly to create a diversion for elsewhere. They have to leave before the entire system goes into lockdown.


Appearing - Forced Lightning: Zath, Claw, Sslith, Sola Jantsk, Blok' Kraven, NPC Flight Crew, Nul Raal (NPC), Jisela Oras (NPC), Waif (NPC)

Appearing - Phoenix Dawn: Sortek, Elromon

Appearing - Aurora Wonder: Meeryakur (NPC), Nanna (NPC Droid), R3-D3 (NPC Droid), Glover (NPC Droid)

Everyone hurriedly inputs hyperjump coordinates for planet Cathar, except something goes wrong and the Forced Lightning and Phoenix Dawn both drop out of hyperspace near the Dathomir orbits. The long range scanners immediately start warning of something large and foreboding.